Division 1

Boys U8 Sand

Match results and group standings will be updated on a regular basis throughout the tournament weekend. These results are unofficial. Official results and standings for this division are available at the tent nearest your fields.

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P: Points • G: Goals • A: Goals Against • GD: Goal Differential
Group A P G A GD
01A1 VAR SoE U8B Samba 9 16 5 8
01A3 VAR SoE U8B Copa 9 23 8 8
01A4 Midlothian Sandsharks 9 11 7 5
01A5 VAR SoE U8B Nero 1 4 15 -9
01A2 Powhantan Fury Thunder 1 2 21 -12

Group Stage Matches


  • Final - Winner, Group A vs. 2nd Place, Group A
    VAR SoE U8B Copa (01A3) v. Midlothian Sandsharks (01A4)
    Score: 4 - 1
    Sunday at 4:15 PM
    Field No. 37

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