Important Notice:

We make every effort to keep schedules updated, but last-minute changes do happen. Please confirm your schedules using the official copies provided at registration, or by checking at the tent closest to your fields.

Match results and group standings will be updated on a regular basis throughout the tournament weekend. Please note that these results are unofficial. Official results and standings are available at the tent nearest your fields.

Your feedback is important to us. If you see something that doesn't quite look right or have some thoughts about how we can improve live scoring, please send us an e-mail at

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No. 1  Live! Boys U8 Sand No. 2  Live! Boys U9 Sand No. 3  Live! Boys U9 Sea No. 4  Live! Boys U10 Sand No. 5  Live! Boys U10 Sea No. 6  Live! Boys U10 Sun No. 7  Live! Boys U11 Sand No. 8  Live! Boys U11 Sea No. 9  Live! Boys U11 Sun No. 10  Live! Boys U12 Sand No. 11  Live! Boys U12 Sea No. 12  Live! Boys U12 Shell No. 13  Live! Boys U12 Sun No. 14  Live! Boys U13 Sand No. 15  Live! Boys U13 Sea No. 16  Live! Boys U13 Shell No. 17  Live! Boys U13 Sun No. 18  Live! Boys U13 Surf No. 19  Live! Boys U14 Sand No. 20  Live! Boys U14 Sea No. 21  Live! Boys U14 Shell No. 22  Live! Boys U14 Sun No. 23  Live! Boys U14 Surf No. 24  Live! Boys U15 Sea No. 25  Live! Boys U15 Sun No. 26  Live! Boys U16 Sand No. 27  Live! Boys U16 Sea No. 28  Live! Boys U16 Shell No. 29  Live! Boys U16 Sun No. 30  Live! Boys U16 Surf No. 31  Live! Boys U17/19 Sand No. 32  Live! Boys U17/19 Scuba No. 33  Live! Boys U17/19 Sea No. 34  Live! Boys U17/19 Shell No. 35  Live! Boys U17/19 Sun No. 36  Live! Boys U17/19 Surf No. 40  Live! Girls U9 Sand No. 41  Live! Girls U10 Sand No. 42  Live! Girls U10 Sea No. 43  Live! Girls U11 Sea No. 44  Live! Girls U11 Sun No. 45  Live! Girls U12 Sand No. 46  Live! Girls U12 Sea No. 47  Live! Girls U12 Sun No. 48  Live! Girls U13 Sand No. 49  Live! Girls U13 Sea No. 50  Live! Girls U13 Sun No. 51  Live! Girls U14 Sand No. 52  Live! Girls U14 Sea No. 53  Live! Girls U14 Sun No. 54  Live! Girls U15 Sand No. 55  Live! Girls U15 Sea No. 56  Live! Girls U15 Sun No. 57  Live! Girls U14 Shell No. 58  Live! Girls U16 Sea No. 59  Live! Girls U16 Sun No. 60  Live! Girls U17/19 Sand No. 61  Live! Girls U17/19 Sea No. 62  Live! Girls U17/19 Sun No. 65  Live! COED High School Sea No. 66  Live! COED High School Sun No. 70  Live! Mens U.S. Open No. 71  Live! Harborfest Tall Ships No. 72  Live! Mens College Sea No. 73  Live! Mens College Sun No. 74  Live! Mens Open Sand No. 75  Live! Mens Open Sea No. 76  Live! Mens Open Sun No. 77  Live! Mens Open Surf No. 78  Live! Mens Over 30 No. 79  Live! Mens Over 40 No. 80  Live! Womens College No. 81  Live! Womens Open Sand No. 82  Live! Womens Open Sea No. 83  Live! Womens Over 30 No. 84  Live! Womens Over 40 No. 90  Live! COED Open Sail No. 91  Live! COED Open Sand No. 92  Live! COED Open Scuba No. 93  Live! COED Open Sea No. 94  Live! COED Open Shell No. 95  Live! COED Open Sun No. 96  Live! COED Over 30